i am trying to write a paper on relational aggression in girls, where can i find articles and books


Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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What an interesting topic.  I decided to try to find books first.  I went into the Psychology libguide at and I chose the books tab.  The first box on this page is a widget that allows you to search the library's catalog.  I typed in the search terms Relational Agression AND Girls.  Don't forget to use the word And to connect your search terms.  I found several good ebooks on the first results page.  A couple of the titles I found include:

The Development and Treatment of Girlhood Aggression by D.J. Pepler and

The Handbook of Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Girls by Deborah Bell et. al.

To read an ebook just click on the title of the book, click on view this ebook, login using your 6 digit student ID and the first part of your email address, and then click on ebook full text.

To find articles, I went back to the Psychology libguide and choose the articles tab.  I chose the first database, Psycharticles.  I used the same search terms that I used for the catalog search and I found a few good articles.  Next, I went back into the libguide and chose to search the database, PsychInfo using the same search terms and this time I also chose to limit my results to full text and peer reviewed.  Again, I got many good results.  We hope that this helps.

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