I need to find information on workplace violations


Employee and Employer violations in the workplace

Answered By: Linda Kern
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That's a pretty broad topic. To locate information on workplace violations, visit the Human resources Libguide at . Click on the tab labeled Resources for HR. Here you will see the best places to search for this type of information. Start with ABI/Inform Complete by clicking on that link. You will be asked for your 6 digit student ID and your email user name (the part before the @). Once in the database, search workplace violations. This will lead to 1500 results. There are three main ways to narrow your results. Look down the toolbar on the right side of the results page to find the limiters, which will narrow your results. First, you can limit by the type of resource, for example, clicking peer reviewed articles or trade articles, depending on the assignment. Peer reviewed is the highest quality, but trade publications are also valuable in the business world. You can also limit by date. Generally the last 5 years is the best choice. I chose to click on scholarly journals and to limit the date range to 2008-2014. This gave me a pool of 63 articles. Last, you can limit by subject. Click on the word "Subject" in the right-side toolbar, and then on "more options". More options tells you what the 63 articles are about, for example work environment, occupational safety, discrimination, sexual harassment, etc. Click the boxes for the categories you're interested in, and pull out those results by clicking "apply".

Good luck with your research!

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