I'm trying to write a paper on how the perception of human sexuality has changed over time


Answered By: Amanda Roper
Last Updated: Feb 05, 2017     Views: 95

This is a fascinating topic! My first suggestion is to consider narrowing the scope of your paper. The perception of human sexuality over time is extremely broad and would easily fill hundreds of volumes. In fact, just a cursory search for materials yielded 263,657 articles (yikes!).

There are all sorts of ways to narrow: by gender, sexuality, culture, geographic location, age, or a specific period of time. For example a paper on "Sexual double standards in Victorian England" would be radically different net from "Access to birth control in American public schools." Both issues are related how humans perceive human sexuality, but the papers are radically different. To help you narrow your topic, visit Credo Reference and search for Encyclopedia of Sex and Gender: Men and Women in the World's Cultures. This encyclopedia will give you general historical and cultural information to help you narrow your topic. 

Once you narrow your topic (keeping in mind it should stick to the parameters set forth by your professor) visit our LibGuides page; if you're doing something scientific our Biology LibGuide would be an excellent starting point and if you're doing something grounded in the liberal arts, then try our History LibGuide. Once you decide on which LibGuide to use click on the articles tab to discover the best databases for your research.

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