what is life like in prison


writing a research paper and I chose to write about everyday life in the p rison

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This is an interesting topic!  I decided to do a quick search in the database, Academic Search Complete.  I got into the database by going to databases A-Z in the libguides at  On the first page of the libguide, I chose Academic Search Complete.  Once I was in the database, I used the simple search terms Prison Life and I limited my results by clicking on the full text box to the bottom left of the search bar.  I found a few really good results by scrolling through the results list.  For instance, I found:

Crewe, B., Warr, J., Bennett, P., & Smith, A. (2014). The emotional geography of prison life. Theoretical Criminology, 18(1), 56-74. doi:10.1177/1362480613497778


Sibley, D., & van Hoven, B. (2009). The contamination of personal space: Boundary construction in a prison environment. Area, 41(2), 198-206. doi:10.1111/j.1475-4762.2008.00855.x

In addition to searching Academic Search Complete, I also searched ScienceDirect by going to the S's in databases A-Z and choosing ScienceDirect.  I found a few good results there as well.

If you would like to use books as sources as well as journal articles, you should go to the library's catalog at  In the search box I used the same simple search terms that I used in the databases, Prison Life. I found good results including this ebook:

Rierden, A. (1997). The Farm : Life inside a women's prison. Amherst, MA: University of Massachusetts Press.

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