Do you have a copy of Walker, K. & Ludwig, F.M . (2004) Perspectives on Theory for the Practice of Occupational Therapy , 3rd Ed, Pro-Ed


I am looking for information on Susan B. Fine and I am having trouble finding information online. It may be in this book. Would you mind checking if it is in there?

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Hi Joanna,

Unfortunately, there's no mention of Susan B. Fine in that book.  I looked in the index to be certain and flipped through it, but found no mention of her.  As you can see from the table of contents online, it does have several articles about women in the field of Occupational Therapy:

What is theory, and why does it matter? / Rosalie J. Miller --
Gail Fidler / Ferol Menks Ludwig --
Anne Cronin Mosey / Ferol Menks Ludwig --
Lela A. Llorens / Susan Denegan Shortridge and Kay F. Walker --
A. Jean Ayres / Kay F. Walker --
Mary Reilly / Julia Van Deusen --
Gary Kielhofner / Rosalie J. Miller --
Claudia Allen / Mary V. Donahue --
Theory analysis / Kay F. Walker.

But not Susan B. Fine.  I don't know whether you are looking for information by Susan Fine or about her.  Finding information about her is a lot more difficult.  You may have to write your own biography of her based on what she has written, where she has written, and when she was doing the most of her writing.

For example:  Here is a search for au:Fine AND "occupational therapy"  (Fine as author)

You can see that the date ranges are from the late 80's to 2000, and there is one article titled, "Mental Health Issues in Japan." 

Also, see if you can find mentions of the writer the journals that have published her to find out what is said about her.

For example, here are the results of a search in AJOT for Susan B. Fine:

If this answer doesn't assist you, please let us know by replying to this thread or contacting us at the library!

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Robin Mize

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