How do I print a document at the library?


I'm sure this is the most basic question ever, but I've searched all the Ask a Librarian topics and haven't found it. My class starts at 8:00 and I know you all don't open until 7:45, so I was hoping if I knew what to expect ahead of time I could get in and print and make it to class on time. I'm a graduate student and this wasn't covered in orientation. Thanks!

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Instructions for printing will are located near all WEPA printers to assist students with the process of printing using these kiosks.

In addition, if you go to the WEPA page on the Intranet (, you can find online instructions, the driver you will need to download to your computer if you are not using a library computer to send documents to the kiosk, and the various locations of the WEPA printers available on campus.

Note that you do need to have a WEPA account in order to send document to the kiosk, but it's easy to set one up.  Follow the Intranet link to find out how.

For additional information, here are some video tutorials you may find helpful, including one on how to set up an account and another on how to log in to your account.

WEPA Video Tutorials

If you have problems with your account, contact the HelpDesk at / 770-538-4774.

If you have additional questions, let us know!

Robin Mize

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