I am looking for research articles on dementia and how occupational therapy is a beneficial treatment method


I am completing a research paper on the benefits of occupational therapy treatment has on patients suffering from Dementia. I am having a hard time finding scholarly articles pertaining to my topic and would like to know if someone would mind helping me with my research topic.

Answered By: Amanda Roper
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017     Views: 36


Our Occupational Therapy LibGuide is a great place to get started on researching the benefits of occupational therapy on patients suffering from Dementia. Once you are at the LibGuide, click on the "Articles" tab. Once there you can find a host of ways for researching this topic. First of all I would recommend selecting one of the databases found under "Occupational Therapy Articles". I selected MedLine with full-text and search with the terms "occupational therapy" AND dementia. I found just over 300 articles. Some of these may have to be requested through ILL, but this will get you started and help you hone your topic.

You can also visit the Trustee Library Catalog and use the same search terms, "occupational therapy" AND dementia to find plenty of books (including ebooks) with information.

Depending on the length of your paper, you might want to limit your topic a bit more. There's actually a wealth of information on occupational therapy and dementia and that much information may overwhelm you. Perhaps looking a specific group, living situation or demographic will help you narrow your focus.

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