In which language do I write the in text citations (e.g. Barr, 2008) if the scientific paper is written in a different language than my paper ?


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In APA style, writers almost never include specific article titles in their papers. Refer to information by simply the author and the year of publication instead.

The APA Style Blog has further information about how to cite translated or foreign-language materials here:

By reading the post and the comments, you'll see that you'll use the name of the original author in the in-text citation, instead of the translator (if there is one), because the author's name is what readers will follow to the correct citation in your reference list.

Additionally, if there is no translator other than yourself, the translation work is assumed to be your own and need not be specified every time. However, many authors make a footnote or comment at the first instance of translated material to clarify that the translation work is their own.

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