I'm looking for peer reviewed/scholarly journals on articles about John Gardner and the zodiac signs used in Grendel (question is why)


Why did Gardner use zodiac signs - did it have anything to do with Scandinavian religion? I found "The 12 Traps in John Gardner's Grendel"

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The database Academic Search Complete (which you can find through the Articles tab in our Literature LibGuide) contains the Fawcett & Jones article you found, "12 Traps in John Gardner's Grendel", in addition to another article you might find helpful:
Stromme, Craig J. "Twelve Chapters of Grendel." Critique 1978: 83-92.
The Stromme article describes each of the chapters in connection with their respective astrological signs and the essential philosophy of each. It does not specifically tie the chapters with Scandinavian mythological motifs, but using an overview of Norse & Germanic mythologies alongside this sort of resource would help you synthesize the information you're seeking.

The Trustee Library has several print reference books about mythology that include information about the Scandinavian tales, as well as online reference materials in Credo Reference (which you can find through the Background Research tab in the same Literature LibGuide).
I will ask the Trustee Library's Information Delivery specialist to email PDFs of articles from the Encyclopedia of Religion ("Germanic Religion: An Overview") and Novels for Students ("Grendel") to your Brenau email. The Novels for Students article includes summaries of characters and themes may be helpful for you to more easily recognize similarities in mythologies as you research.
Keep in mind as you research, the mythology you are interested in goes by a variety of descriptions. Resources might describe the mythology as "Norse", "Teutonic", "Germanic", or "Scandinavian", so try using different terms to find your materials.

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