Do students have access to Sage Journals?


Do students have access to Sage Journals? When I did a topic search, the perfect article came up. The website said that our institution did not have an updated subscription. Is there any way this could be accessed?

Answered By: Trustee Library
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017     Views: 49

Yes, we do have access to several Sage database collections! A good way to check which of our many subscription databases, including Sage, have your article is to start at the Trustee Library Online Catalog.

  • On the online catalog, hover over Brenau Trustee Library in the top-left corner. In the drop-down links, click on Journals A-Z.
  • Type the title of the journal you are looking for and click Find Journals.
  • Your results will be a list of the databases we subscribe to that include the journal you're looking for, including the dates that they cover. Click on the database with your desired date range. You'll be taken to that journal's section in the database, and you can use the buttons for date and issue to locate your article within the proper issue.

Sage is a very large database with a variety of collections - many collections are available to Brenau, but some are not. If you do not find a database with your journal available, use our Request an Item online form to request the article through an interlibrary loan. (We'll locate it at another library and borrow it for you!)

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