How do I find scholary and peer reviewd articles about using thinking maps as a tool for writing?


Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
Last Updated: Jan 04, 2017     Views: 21


The first thing you will want to do to find scholarly articles on thinking maps as a tool for writing is to go to the education libguide at  Next, click on the articles tab to find a list of recommended databases for doing research in the field of education.  Click on the first database, Academic Search Complete.

After you enter your login information you will be taken to a search screen which will look like this:

After a couple of sample searches, I found that entering the search terms "concept map*" And writing gave me the best results.  Be sure to include the word AND as well as the parenthesis which tells the database to search the words concept and map together.  Using the * symbol tells the database to search for all the possible endings of the word map such as maps and mapping.  Your search should look like this:

After you have entered your search terms, be sure to click on the boxes underneath and to the left of the search bar that say full text and scholarly which will ensure that you retrieve results that you have access to and that are scholarly. 

You should try this search and others in more than one of the databases listed in the education libguide to make sure that you've gotten the best results.  Hope this helps!

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