Do you have any literature/text/journals about inuit culture?


Specifically, how they interact among each other and resolve conflict?

Answered By: Linda Kern
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My first strategy for finding CR information is to visit the LibGuide at for search terms and specific resources on the people group. If I don't find anything there (which I didn't), I try searching the databases listed on the Articles tab of the LibGuide for information. These resources all have articles relevant to conflict resolution.

I decided to investigate Sage Journals, a new database first. Searching Inuit and "conflict resolution" (keep the quotation marks; they focus your results), I found an article titled Indigenous Peace-Making Versus the Liberal Peace. There was little in the article itself that was useful, but I always check the reference list for additional leads. This book chapter caught my eye: Briggs, Jean L. (2000) ‘Conflict Management in a Modern Inuit Community’, in Peter Schweitzer, Megan Biesele and Robert Hitchcock (eds) Hunters and Gatherers in the Modern World, pp. 110–24. New York: Berghahn Books. The reference gave me two valuable pieces of information: (1) a relevant resource and (2) the name of an author who writes about the topic.

First I checked the Library catalog for the book, but we don't own it, and it's too close to the end of the term to get it from another library for you. Next I went hunting on the web. I Googled the chapter title, Conflict Management in a Modern Inuit Community and found the full text of the chapter as the 3rd result. I am sure you could locate it the same way, but Google results tend to change, so you can find it here: .

I then reviewed the remainder of the search results in Sage, but saw nothing helpful since you need full text now. I proceeded to search through each of the databases listed, but again, there is very little.

In the Legal Collection I found one article searching with Inuit, Finkler, H. (1992). Community participation in socio-legal control: The northern context. Canadian Journal Of Criminology, 34(3/4), 503-512.

In Academic Search Complete I searched Inuit AND conflict and found Sørensen, M. (2007). Competing discourses of aggression and peacefulness. Peace Review, 19(4), 603-609. doi:10.1080/10402650701681251 .

Then I began searching the web using Google. A search of "conflict resolution" Inuit resulted in (among others) Condon, R. G. (1992). Changing patterns of conflict management and aggression among Inuit youth in the Canadian Arctic: Longitudinal ethnographic observations. Native Studies Review, 8(2). 35-49.

A search of Google Scholar of Inuit conflict briggs led to another Briggs article: Briggs, Jean L. 1994. “'Why Don't You Kill Your Baby Brother?' The Dynamics of Peace in Canadian Inuit Camps” In The Anthropology of Peace and Nonviolence, edited by Leslie E. Sponsel and Thomas Gregor, p.155-181. Boulder, CO: Lynne Rienner, 1994.

Basically, full text articles are available, but they are few and far between. If you can't find enough material using these strategies, let us know and we will search further.

P.S. I almost forgot this web resource:  The Inuit way: A guide to Inuit culture. Also found while Googling "conflict resolution" Inuit

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