I am looking for articles dealing with conflict resolution in ancient cutlures.


I would like to focus on ancient Rome, but articles on any ancient cultures would be helpful.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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What an interesting topic!  I found the most helpful articles by going into the history libguide at and selecting the articles tab.  From there you should see a list of databases that are most useful in researching history topics.  I found that Research Library(at Proquest) held the most material on this topic.  I will point out that unfortunately most scholars in humanities are still publishing in book form so there is not as much out there in article form as we could hope for.  If you are also able to use books for this assignment you should try searching our library catalog for additional materials.  You can find the library catalog at  I'll have more information about this later in the answer.
From Research Library(at Proquest) I decided to use an advanced search screen which you can get to by clicking on advanced search.  It looks like this:
Once you are in the advanced screen go ahead and limit your results to full text and to English language articles.  I found that I got the most results by using the search terms ancient civilization and conflict.  Your search should look like this:
I hope that this is helpful to you.  If you find that you are able to use books as well as articles, try using the library catalog and using search terms like ancient rome and traditional law or ancient rome and dispute resolution.  Limit your result to books on the left hand side of the screen so that you will not be overwhelmed with results.  It will look like this:
If you do find some books that we have here at the library we will be happy to set them aside from you.  If you live outside of Hall County then we can mail the books to you either at a local campus or to your home.  Good luck with your assignment.

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