Where can I find current peer-reviewed articles on ADD?


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What an interesting topic! I think you'll find the best material for you in our Education LibGuide at

Click the yellow Articles tab at the top of the page, and you'll find a variety of databases for this kind of information. Here's a few tips for your searches!

  • Searching for ADD retrieves way too many results, and many of them have more to do with add-ons or adding than your actual behavioral material! Instead, I would use the whole term "attention deficit disorder".
  • Since you have a particular phrase to search for, put quotation marks around the whole term so your search will keep those three words together. It would look like this when you type it into the search box: "attention deficit disorder"
  • Use the options on the left side of your results page to filter your results. Check the Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals box to find only articles that are peer-reviewed or peer-refereed, use the Full Text checkbox to find only articles that you can read right away, and use the Publication Date slider to limit your results to a particular time frame. (Professors often want articles from the last 3-5 years.)
  • To tie two ideas together in one search, use AND between your terms to make sure your articles have both terms in it. For example, you could search for "attention deficit disorder" AND teaching or "attention deficit disorder" AND "academic achievement"

When I ran the search for "attention deficit disorder" AND "academic achievement" in Academic Search Complete (the first database listed on the Articles page), I found articles like these below:

Basch, C. E. (2011). Inattention and Hyperactivity and the Achievement Gap Among Urban Minority Youth. Journal Of School Health81(10), 641-649.

Helping Your Child with ADHD Succeed in School. (2008). Brown University Child & Adolescent Behavior Letter24(1), 8.

I found a few of the same articles in Research Library (second database on the list) using the same search, but also items like these below:

Galéra, C., Melchior, M., Chastang, J., Bouvard, M., & Fombonne, E. (2009). Childhood and adolescent hyperactivity-inattention symptoms and academic achievement 8 years later: The GAZEL youth study. Psychological Medicine, 39(11), 1895-906.

Jaekel, J., Wolke, D., & Bartmann, P. (2013). Poor attention rather than hyperactivity/impulsivity predicts academic achievement in very preterm and full-term adolescents. Psychological Medicine, 43(1), 183-96.

Each database is a unique collection of articles. Try different ones to find the best resources for your topic!

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