I need information on Delta airlines organizational management concept


I am doing a paper on organizational management concept, looking at Delta Airlines

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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What an interesting topic! You'll find the best material for it in our Business LibGuide at

Since this kind of specific information is not likely to be in a book, you'll want to locate scholarly articles that describe the management environment and practices at the company. Click the yellow Business - Articles tab at the top of the page, and you'll find a variety of databases for this kind of information. Here's a few tips for your searches!

  • Since Delta Airlines is the proper name of the company, put quotation marks around the phrase so your searches will keep those two words together. It would look like this when you type it into the search box: "Delta Airlines"
  • To find information about the company and the idea of management in the same search, use a Boolean (BOOL-ee-un) search technique by placing AND between the two terms. It would look like this when you type it into the search box: "Delta Airlines" AND management or "Delta Airlines" AND "personnel management". 
  • Make sure to click any check boxes for Peer Reviewed and Scholarly Journals to ensure that the database returns items from only academic and scholarly sources. Another handy button is for Full Text - this makes sure it will return only items that you can read right away! Use more buttons on the sides of the page to narrow your results even more.

Each database is a unique collection of articles. Try different ones to find the best resources for your topic!

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  1. Hello,

    Go into the business libguide as described in the previous answer, choose the articles tab, and then you have to choose a database to search. For this search I would use ABI Inform Complete. I went into the database and typed in the words Delta Air Lines and Management. I got a few good results. You should try other databases besides just ABI Inform as the other databases should yield different results.
    by Kimberly Boyd on Nov 24, 2014.

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