I am trying to find statistics on Lower Back Injury (CDC) and I am getting lost. I need general causes, money spent a year (general info.)


--I have to do a one page powerpoint no more than 6 bullets that explains Lower back Injury --causes, effects, and general information. I know the CDC is suppose to give me current information, but I am not able to find Lower Back Injury.

Answered By: Melissa Hozey
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017     Views: 56

I also could not find statistics on lower back injury on the CDC website.  This is their statistics tool:  However, there is nothing specifically stated as lower back injury among their injury statistics.  You can compile data based on how the injury was aquired, though.  The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has some basic facts on back pain as it relates to job performance.  I also found information at (found on the Nursing Libguide) by searching "low back injury."  The Nursing LibGuide also contains this site under the websites tab:     This has information as well.  The Advanced Nursing Research LibGuide has a page of statistics databases, where you also may find what you need.  As a last resort, the CDC has contact information on their website where you may call them with questions.

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