How do I find 3 articles on video games and mathematics?


Answered By: Linda Kern
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It was a pleasure talking to you today.

The strategies we used were:

From the Intranet, click on LibGuides. On the LibGuides home page, in the middle column, click on Advanced Education Research. If you want to skip the intranet or bookmark the page, the direct link to the Advanced Education Research LibGuide is .

We clicked on the Middle Grades tab. First we scrolled down to the Journals, and chose the Middle School Journal. For the password, type your username, jsmith1 for example, and your 6 digit student ID # you use to log into Campus Web to register for classes, get your grades, and pay your bills. There is help on the page if you don't now your 6 digit ID or where to find it.

After clicking Middle School Journal, we searched using the term "video games". Be sure to use the quotation marks, because they focus your search results.

I also went back to the Middle Grades tab of the Advanced Education Research LibGuide and clicked on Academic Search Complete. This is a multidisciplinary database that is strong in the education literature. Because the database is so large (compared to searching a single middle school journal), I searched using the terms "video games" AND mathematics. If you paste the search into the box, you will retrieve 89 articles. Among these, this research study looked particularly promising:

Gillispie, L., Martin, F., & Parker, M. A. (2010). Effects of a 3-D video game on middle school student achievement and attitude in mathematics. Electronic Journal Of Mathematics & Technology, 4(1), 68-80. Retrieved from

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