I need information on conflict resolution among Irish Gypsies and settled communities in Ireland


Answered By: Linda Kern
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This is an interesting research project! My starting point is always the scholarly literature available through the library.This is accessible using the Conflict Resolution LibGuide at , developed in collaboration with Dr. Frank. For your population, however, there is almost nothing available. The literature focuses on anthropological, and human and legal rights perspectives. The Legal Collection (click the Articles tab and you will see the link top, center) yielded one article from a search of Ireland AND travellers. The article was not relevant, but it did provide a lead - the Traveller Law Research Unit at Cardiff Law School. The research unit provides a wealth of information on Travellers and additional links that may be useful for demographics and descriptive information about the population.

The LibGuide lists a websites (click the Web Sites tab) that may have information, such as INCORE and Beyond Intractability.

Your best source of information is the open web, where you can access relevant Irish government documents. I searched using Google and this search: (roma OR romanies OR gypsies OR traveller) AND Ireland AND "conflict resolution" . You can copy/paste the search to be sure you include the parentheses and quotation marks, which help to focus your results. This search revealed a number of strong sources, including Ireland’s National Traveller / Roma Integration Strategy and reports of a Traveller's mediation and conflict strategy in the midlands, put together by the Health Service Executive. After reading these reports I then Googled Travellers conflict strategy AND "Health Service Executive" to find Working Towards Peace: a Report on the Midlands Traveller Conflict and Mediation Initiative. Using these search strategies you will also discover Ireland's Department of Justice and Equality's Traveller Policy Division, which has relevant information. 

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