Where can I find good solid articles on nutrition in the school?


I am doing a position paper on how school lunchies need to be healthier.

Answered By: Marlene Giguere
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017     Views: 63

Working from the tab for Articles on the Education LibGuide at, I selected the database ERIC at EBSCOhost.  Using the advanced search feature, gives you several different search boxes in which to input the elements of your search topic. I input 3 separate concepts: "school children" AND nutrition AND lunch.  I then limited results to peer reviewed articles and to articles published 2007 or later.  I found several article titles, such as "The effects of the national school lunch program on education and health" and "Do school lunches contribute to childhood obesity?" Other databases that you can search using similar terms and a similar strategy are Academic Search Complete and Proquest Research Library.


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