Please provide instructions for locating the full text of an article.


Dickerson, A., Molnar, L., Eby, D., Adler, G., B├ędard, M., Berg-Weger, M., & ... Trujillo, L. (2007). Transportation and aging: A research agenda for advancing safe mobility. Gerontologist, 47(5), 578-590.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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There are several ways to locate the article, but the most efficient path - 4 easy steps you can use to search for any citation -  is to begin at the library catalog.

(1) Link to and search the journal title, Gerontologist. Before clicking search, drop down the "keyword" and change it to "journal title", since you are specifically looking for a journal. This search will tell you where to find the full text. It could be in print, in one or more online databases, or nowhere that we can easily access.

The search for Gerontologist takes you will be taken to a screen listing two journals, Clinical Gerontologist and Gerontologist.

(2) Click on Gerontologist to discover where the full text is found.

It is available in three databases:

Available from Education Journals: 02/01/1992 to 08/31/2009
Available from Research Library: 02/01/1992 to 08/31/2009
Available from Social Science Journals: 02/01/1992 to 08/31/2009

Check the date range, and choose a database that covers 2007, the date the article was published. For Gerontologist, the the databases all cover the date needed, but sometimes different date ranges will be in different online databases.

(3) Choose one database, for example Education Journals, and click the link. Log into the database with your email user name and PIN, and you will arrive at the journal's page.

(4) Paste the article title into the search box, click search, and there it will be, in all of it's full text glory!

Using this strategy you can quickly find out if we have access to the full text of any article you are assigned to read or need to locate for your thesis.

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