Hello, I am looking for an article titled: Challenges in the Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Depression from Psychiatric Times Dated: Dec 1, 2009


Does Brenau carry this magazine? Thank you

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To locate the full text of a specific article such as the one you need, go to the the library catalog, paste the name of the journal, in this case Psychiatric Times, into the search box, select "Journal Title" from the drop menu on the right of the search box and click search. If the Journal is available full text, the catalog will provide links to the databases where you can access it. This journal is available in CINAHL Plus with Full Text, Wilson OmniFile: Full Text Select Edition, and Social Science Journals.

You may notice that the coverages for the Wilson OmniFile and Social Science Journals databases do not date back to 1999, so you will want to click the first link to CINAHL Plus with Full Text. 

To search for the title of an article in a journal,

  • Click on the link "Search within this publication". This will open a searching page wth the journal name already in the search box. Add the title of the article to the search box, using this format:
    • AND "Challenges in the Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Depression."  Putting the article in quotes narrows down the search to the specific title.
    • The entire search looks like this: JN "Psychiatric Times" AND" Challenges in the Treatment of Patients With Bipolar Depression" .
    • Click search.

If your article is available, your results will be displayed.  However, the title you have requested was not found.  I went back to the title page for the journal and found the list of publication dates on the right-hand side of the page.  I clicked December 1999, since that was the issue you cited and discoverd that the article you're looking for is not in this issue.

Since an article title search within the particular publication was unsuccesful I tried going to the journal's official web site to find out more information and found that this is not actually the title of an article but the title of a podcast.  In order to access the content of this podcast you will have to create a free account to the web site and log in.  You will also need the ability to listen to audio on your computer or mobile device.  This is the url:

In this case the article in question was not available as a text document.  However, if the library does not own a copy of an article you need, you can request the article through the Library's Information Delivery Service.

I hope this helps with your research. If you have other questions, please ask!

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