I need a research article for a psychology class called Future orientation, impulsivity, and problem behaviors: A longitudinal moderation model


l. Developmental Psychology. by Chen, P., & Vazsonyi, A.T. (2011). , 47(6), 1633-1645 doi:10.1037/a0025327 Thank you for your assistance!

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To locate the full text of a specific article such as the one you need, go to the eJournals listing in the library catalog.

  • Paste the name of the journal, in this case Developmental Psychology, and click search. If the Journal is available full text, the catalog will provide links to the databases where you can access it. This journal is available in PsycARTICLES.
  • Click on the database link.
  • When the database opens, click on the link "Search within this publication". This will open a search page with the journal name already in the search box. Add the title of the article to the search box, using this format:
    • AND TI "Future orientation, impulsivity, and problem behaviors". You can paste this into the search box. The "JN" means to look for this journal and "TI" means a title search.  Putting the article title in quotes narrows down the search to the specific phrase.
    • the entire search looks like this: JN "Developmental Psychology" AND TI "Future orientation, impulsivity, and problem behaviors".
    • Click search.
  • The article will come up. Click on the PDF Full text link to read the article

This article is available full text. But what if it isn't? If the eJournals listing in the catalog doesn't find the journal's name, it's not immediately available in full text. If you still want it, you can request the article through the Library's Information Delivery Service.

I hope this helps with your research. If you have other questions, please ask!

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