how do I format and cite a quote that continues onto a second page?


Answered By: Marlene Giguere
Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017     Views: 330

Assuming that you will be using APA style, the APA Publication Manual (sixth edition) distinguishes between quotations of less than 40 words and those exceeding 40 words. Quotations of less than 40 words are simply included in the text with appropriate quotation marks and citation information at the end, so the quotation would flow onto the second page as ongoing text.  Quotations of 40 or more words need to be displayed as an indented block of text without quotation marks.  You would continue this style onto a second page if necessary and cite the source as you would at the end of the quote. (For several examples and more specifics regarding formatting, please see section 6.03 dealing with Direct Quotation of Sources in the above mentioned Manual).  For more information about APA, you can also visit our Citing Sources using APA page on the Business LibGuide located at  



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