I am unsure how to cite the instrument I am using for my research proposal.


The professor informed me that I "may use a similar style that is used with citing standardized tests except for the fact that benchmark tests are usually developed by the county". I am using benchmark tests, which are created by county school systems based on state standards. Since it is not an official standardized test, I do not know what to do for the title or city/state. I was wondering if you have come across this question before or if you have any advice. So far, I have the following:Fayette County School System. (2011). Benchmark Test. Fayetteville, GA

Answered By: Linda Kern
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APA doesn't give any substantive guidance on this issue. First, there is consensus to treat a standardized test as a book, which means that type of information, capitalization, and italics are used in the entry.

I agree with your choice of author. Based on the website, the official name is Fayette County Public Schools.

The date would be the year of the test you are using.

The name of the test is tricky, as you note. I checked the website, and it provides a testing schedule at It would seem that the name of the test should be listed here. Otherwise, you might contact the school system's assessment coordinator and ask about a formal title. The title should be capitalized and italicized like that of a book.

As far as the location and publisher, I would use the city and state where the school system is headquartered, as you did. In the publisher's place, I would probably go with the Fayette County Board of Education since they publish the website. You could also build a case for using Fayette County Public Schools as the publisher.

The most important thing is to equip the reader to locate the instrument, and you are accomplishing that.

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