I am looking for peer reviewed articles on montessori vs. traditional education, specifically dealing with reading and math scores


I am creating a research proposal. The research question is- Do students taught using Montessori methods have significantly higher reading and math scores than students taught using traditional methods. I am trying to find research to support this, but am having a hard time especially finding anything current enough (must be in the last 5 years. Thank you!!!

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I know we spoke on the phone, but I wanted to add this responseto the LibAnswers knowledge base so forgive me if it seems redundant!

After searching the library databases for information from the past five years on Montessori schools, I realized there are not many articles available in our journal resources!

Boolean searching for Montessori AND reading or Montessori AND literacy as well as Montessori AND math yield similar numbers of results. While there aren't an abundance of results, there are different articles to be found in each database so please try your search in Academic Search Complete as well as ERIC and the Proquest Education resources to gather enough resources for your project.

The library has a few ebooks related to Montessori teaching as well although most are older than 5 years. I am requesting we purchase more on this subject soon to improve our holdings in this important area.

While Google scholar is always my last choice for research, doing a search on Google Scholar for articles or books on montessori AND reading or literacy yields many results. Be careful to evaluate that the article or book is truly a scholarly source, but this is another way to expand your research.  

Finally, has useful resources to answer your questions about local demographics.

If you need any more help please don't hesitate to contact us again!

Lisa M. Echols

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