I am taking ED 771 and am having some difficulty finding sources for my literature review. I am focusing on how listening to classical music during


I am in Academic Search Complete and have searched "Classical Music" by itself and also paired with "test performance" and "test." and am not finding very many results. I have peer-reviewed selected. I would appreciate any guidance you could provide.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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It is best to broaden your search terms and the databases you are searching. I wasn't very successful in Academic Search Complete either. Using the Advanced Education Research LibGuide ( select ERIC at EBSCOhost. Based on the search terms you have already eleminated, I tried this search:

(DE "Academic Achievement" OR DE "Standardized Tests") AND music

I chose academic achievement because it is similar in meaning to your concept of testing. Paste the entire string, parentheses, DE's and all, into the search box.

I also tried:

(DE "Cognitive Processes" OR DE "Cognitive Ability") AND music

I chose to search cognition because it is the underlying construct.

I found a few articles in ERIC (although very little full text) including Schellenberg, E., Nakata, T., Hunter, P. G., & Tamoto, S. (2007). Exposure to music and cognitive performance: Tests of children and adults. Psychology Of Music, 35(1), 5-19. I also found Pietschnig, J., Voracek, M., & Formann, A. K. (2010). Mozart effect-Shmozart effect: A meta-analysis. Intelligence, 38(3), 314-323.

First, try to access the article using the blue Find It button. If that doesn't retrieve the full text, you can request the full text of the articles using the Request Information Delivery button. If you professor allows you to use and cite the abstracts, those are readily available.

I found additional articles in the Psychology and Behavioral Sciences Collection, linked from the LibGuide. Here I searched using the terms:

"academic achievement" AND music

cognition AND music

I found additional articles including Dobbs, S. (2011). The effect of background music and noise on the cognitive test performance of introverts and extraverts. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 25(2), 307-313 and Črnčec, R. (2006). The cognitive and academic benefits of music to children: Facts and fiction. Educational Psychology, 26(4), 579-594.

The research seems to lie in these areas, rather than in the arena of testing.

One last suggestion: try ProQuest Education Journals (linked from the LibGuide). I searched:


and found results there also.Be sure to paste in the entire search including the SU.

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