how do I find information for code of ethics


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I may need more information to answer your question more fully because many disciplines have their own separate codes of ethics.  As a student of Business and Mass Communications, you may be interested in codes of ethics for business, journalism, or accounting.  The best places to start your search would be the Business Libguide, the Mass Communication Libguide, or the Accounting Libguide.

On the Mass Communication Libguide click the "Web Sites" link.  In the middle of the page, in the section labeled "General Mass Comm Links," you will find a link to a site to the Code of Ethics: Society of Professional Journalists. Also look through the FAIR and FCC sites as well as the professional organization sites for more information.

On the Accounting Libguide, go to the "Accounting - Web Sites" tab.  Under the section labeled "Standards," you will find links to a number of entities dedicated to auditing and accounting standards and you will find a lot of valid information there.  For example, if you click the link to AICPA Audit and Attest Standards, you can either do a search for "code of conduct" or "ethics" or you can click a link in the cloud of popular search terms found on the left side of the page and you will be directed to the organization's code of conduct as well as articles and standards, etc.

Many businesses have their own codes of ethics, so you may search Google for the names of particular companies you wish to research to find their codes of ethics posted online. 

To find articles on the subject of business, accounting, or journalistic ethics, go to a database such as ABI/Inform Complete, or Business Source Complete.

If you need information on ethics not covered here, feel free to expand upon your question or contact a librarian.

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