are there any book or aticles on effects of hiring illegal aliens


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There are a number of resources you may consult to find books and articles regarding illegal immigration.  To specifically address the effects that hiring illegal immigrants may have on an employer, where you look for information may depend on what kind of effect you are interested in researching. 

I note that you're a Business student, so for books on your topic, go to the Business Libguide and click the "Business Administration - Books" tab.

In the middle section, there  is a box labeled "Online Books," and in the first paragraph there is a link to eBooks on EBSCOHOST. Follow the link and find a search box which will allow you to search our collection of over 65,000 electronic books.  If you put in a search such as "Illegal immigration AND employment" or "Illegal immigrants AND employment," you should find a few results to get you started.

Going back to the "Business Administration - Books" tab in the Business Libguide, scroll a little further down the page to find a box labeled "Trustee Library Catalog."  You may find print and electronic books by using the search box found in this section.  Using the search "immigration employment" I found 23 results. 

Regarding illegal immigration, one book we have in Ready Reference in the library is Immigration and illegal aliens : burden or blessing? by Cynthia S. Becker. This item has statistics, congressional reports, and other data which may include that regarding employment.  However, because it is Ready Reference, this book is only available for use within the library building.

To find articles on the subject of employing illegal immigrants, go back to the Business Libguide and click the "Business Administration - Articles" tab.  The middle section is labeled, "GALILEO Business Articles," and contains links to several databases that may aid your research.  Of particular interest to you may be ABI/Inform Complete, Business Source Complete, and Academic Search Complete.  The searches "Illegal immigration AND employment" or "Illegal immigrants AND employment," will also work in these databases, but remember to pay attention to the subject headings assigned to the article descriptions.  They may provide words and terms you had not previously considered using to assist your searching.

Finally, you may want to investigate some of the links found on the "Business Administration - Web Sites" tab in the Business Libguide.  Sites such as and U.S. Department of Labor - Find It By Topic - Statistics may contain additional information useful to your research.

If you need further assistance, you may always contact a librarian for further assistance.

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