How do I find scholarly sources about the effects of videotaping high school drama students' theater rehearsals?


I am working on my research proposal for my ED 771 course. My question is "How are beginning level high school theatre students’ performances in the area of exaggeration, believability, and projection affected by videotaping the rehearsal process?" I have found one article that is helpful for this topic. It is (Videotaping as a Means od Self-Monitoring to Improve Theater Student's Performance) by William Y. Lan. Do you have any suggestions for finding more useful articles for my literature review?

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To answer your specific question you have to consider it on a broader level, not just how videotaping rehearsal affects the young actor, but simply how videotaping affects any actor. Then narrow the comments on how this can improve the beginning level high school students performance.
I first found an interesting thesis.
This is a Google book with information on benefits of videotaping actors before a movie shoot-
An article on recording business presentations for the purpose of improving speaking techniques:
 I searched in the Academic Search Complete database initially. I think looking for synonyms is your best bet here as well. Video recording is synonymous with videotaping and video you can pair it with theater, plays, presentations, performance, performance evaluation etc. I also looked under the Arts and Humanities resources in the Theater section and tried some theater related databases including the International Bibliography of Theater and Dance. From that database I discovered the following two articles.
This is definitely a keeper -
And this should work for you as well.
Also look for book resources on rehearsal techniques and actor's performance evaluation through videotaping.

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