I am in search of a peer-reviewed article from an Occupational Therapy journal on brain tumors and palliative care.


Answered By: Linda Kern
Last Updated: Dec 12, 2016     Views: 67

We can find a few general articles on the topic by searching for brain injury. Generally if you are searching for information on brain tumors you would search for words relating to the condition caused by the brain tumor, such as hemianopia. This is what is making the search difficult. If you have a specific condition resulting from a brain tumor, substitute that term for "brain tumor".

Choose a database from the Articles tab of the OT LibGuide. CINAHL Plus with Full Text or MedLine are good choices. Search for "occupational therapy" AND "brain injury". This will lead to articles both in and out of the core OT literature. Look for the words Occupational Therapy in the journal title. These are the core OT journals. The articles will include some conditions arising from tumors and others arising from traumatic brain injury. You can read the abstract for more information to differentiate the two. The palliative care aspect may be too restrictive for the short time you have to complete this assignment. If the article is in a journal that is not available in full text online, come into the library and ask for it at the front desk. We have print versions of most of the core publications.

If you still have problems, talk with your professor to help identify a specific condition arising from a brain tumor, and we can search again.

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