i want to know how to write an analysis paper


i want to know how to write an analysis paper
i need help writing a research analysis paper

Answered By: Micki Waldrop
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Thank you for your question.

An analysis paper is one in which you analyze the information you have collected about a certain topic. For example, you are writing a research paper about panic disorder in college-age women. In order to write an analysis, you would develop a research question/or statement about college-age women suffering from panic disorder. You would then collect research (original research found in scholarly/peer-reviewed journals available from After you read the articles you will analyze how they help answer the question you posed in your research statement/question.

If you would like more help writing your paper, you can schedule an appointment with the Writing Center. If you need assistance finding resources for your paper, please make an appointment with a librarian.

Good Luck!

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