I'm a Zotero user who's having difficulty with accessing library databases. Can you help?


Answered By: Thomas Waters
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2020     Views: 44

We've received several messages from Zotero users regarding problems with accessing library databases. These problems have arisen since the library's transition to a new authentication system (OpenAthens) for logging in to subscription electronic resources.

If you're also seeing a yellow banner at the top of your browser window that says "Zotero has automatically re-directed your request through the proxy at," then this guidance applies to you!

To solve this problem, a small adjustment is necessary in the settings for your Zotero Connector.

In your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.), locate the Zotero Connector app, which has an icon resembling a sheet of paper. If you have multiple extensions/add-ons installed within your browser, you may be required to locate a button that has the appearance of a puzzle piece.

Next, click the Options or Preferences for the Zotero Connector app. Then, take a look under the tab for Proxies. Uncheck the box next to Enable proxy redirection.

Once you've completed these steps, try accessing the resource again. You should be able to authenticate successfully.

If you continue to experience problems, please submit a ticket through Ask-A-Librarian. We're happy to assist!

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