Online Research for NG404 Project


Online Research for NG404 Project
Good morning. I am working on a project and my group's topic is laparotomy for endometriosis. Our professors are requesting "a minimum of two current (published within the last five years) peer-reviewed nursing journal articles, with nurses as the author(s)." How can I locate recent articles on this topic published by nurses via the online library? Thank you very much for your help and have a good afternoon.

Lourdes Menendez

Answered By: Emily Thornton
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I can see why you're struggling with this. There's not a lot that's specifically about laparotomy and endometriosis, and it's even harder when you add the criteria (5 years, nurse-authored, peer-reviewed). I suggest stepping back a little bit: laparotomy is a a kind of surgical technique, correct? Like, you might have a hysterectomy (uterus removal), but the actual first cut would be a laparotomy. 
In that case, you could find articles about any of the surgeries that might be used to address endometriosis: hysterectomy or  oophorectomy or salpingectomy   (removal of uterus, ovaries, or fallopian tubes). Additionally, you could find articles about laparotomies for other kinds of surgeries. Combining those two kinds of information may get you what you need. 
This tutorial can guide you through the steps: . In addition to the steps shown in the video, you can specify "first author is a nurse" or "any author is a nurse" in CINAHL (left side, under publication date, click "show more" and scroll down and click "any author is a nurse"). That will filter out all the articles that are not written by nurses.  
There are two more resources that are not covered in the videos:
I went to, a huge medical database. I searched hysterectomy OR oophorectomy OR salpingectomy  , then limited the search to only the last 5 years and only nursing-related journals. Here are the search results

Additionally, I encourage you to check out DynaMed. This is a new tool that healthcare providers use to look up evidence-based practice information at point-of-care. Search hysterectomy, oophorectomy, or salpingectomy in the search box. It will show you the conditions that might lead to one of those procedures, potential complications, etc. It's not specifically nurse-authored but it has good, reliable information. 


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