How to get APA 6 in Zotero?


Zotero wants to use the most recent (7th edition) of APA. However, some Brenau programs are still using the 6th edition of APA. To make Zotero recognize APA 6 as an option:

Step 2: click "American Psychological Association 6th edition." There are several versions on the list. You want the one without anything in parentheses after the title. 
Step 3: open the file from your downloads folder or the bar at the bottom of your screen. This will open Zotero. In a minute, it will ask you to install the file. Say yes.
Step 4: next time you insert a citation in a Word document, it will ask you what citation style you want to use. APA 6 should be one of the options.  

Answered By: Emily Thornton
Last Updated: Mar 16, 2020     Views: 14

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