How do I find a test's reliability or validity with Mental Measurements Yearbook?


Answered By: Emily Thornton
Last Updated: Jan 09, 2020     Views: 0

Mental Measurements Yearbook is a reference source that tells you whether a test/measure/assessment has been proven to be reliable or valid. We don't have online acces, but we have print copies through 2006 in the reference section of the Gainesville campus library. If you can identify the test you want, we can scan and email the relevant pages to you. 

Unfortunately, MMY isn't designed to let you browse for a relevant test. You need to identify the test you're interested in, then look it up by title here ( ) to see if it's been reviewed and in which edition.
Identifying relevant tests requires some detective work. Look through the articles you've gathered that study similar topics. Check their Methods section to see what tests they used. Sometimes the Methods section will tell you exactly how they're administered. If you can't tell from the article, you'll need to look them up (start with Google/Wikipedia for quick overview) to see if it would work for your study. 
Once you've identified a few tests that might work, check to see whether they've been proven to have good reliability/validity. Mental Measurements Yearbook is the first place I'd look. If the test you want isn't listed there, contact the Brenau librarians and we'll help you find other sources for reliability/validity on that test.  

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