How to access Hoovers


How to access Hoovers
I am starting to collect references for an Industry Analysis on Home Depot. I am aware that the company is part of the retail industry and further broken down into Home and Garden Products from the MarkeLine website. Any suggestions on other sources of references would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Joshua Dresen

Answered By: Emily Thornton
Last Updated: Jul 08, 2019     Views: 5

This guide ( has a lot of resources for industry analysis. We don't have access to Hoover's reports, but several of the listed databases will give you information similar to Hoover's reports.

Have you already found the industry report for Home Depot's sector on MarketLine? . Make sure you click the links on the right for more detail.

Similarly, you can check for industry reports in ABI/INFORM (link on the guide near Marketline). Search for "home depot" in the search box. When the results load, scroll down till you see "Document Type" in the left column. Click "More" then "Industry Reports." Narrow the publication date to the last couple years (also in the left column). You should find a report from March 2019 about Home Depot's general industry. This report is really helpful because it also includes the NAICS code for the industry, which is like a shortcut for finding similar reports in other databases like eStatement Studies.

Good luck with your research! Let me know if you need further help. 

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