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The class is ED 643 Reading in the Content Areas and the topic has to be related to Reading (I was thinking the B-D-A Instructional Framework).
The assignment is as follows:
Locate a scholarly, peer review article on one of the topics covered in this course. Provide a summary of the major points of the article and implications for teaching. The article review should be between one and half to two pages in length. The citation should be in APA format and placed the end of the article review.

Answered By: Emily Thornton
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I would start with the "Advanced Education Research" libguide: . The advantage is that it's a curated collection of resources specifically for Brenau grad ed students. It shows you more sources than GALILEO alone would, and also it has fewer technical issues, as you've seen!

Once you're in the libguide, click the General Education tab. You'll see a list of several databases that are helpful for education research. I'm going to recommend the very first one, Education Source. It has tons of relevant articles, but for some reason they don't show up in a GALILEO search.

When you click Education Source, it may ask you to sign in. Use your six-digit Brenau ID number, then your username. Once you're past that, you'll see that the Education Source search page looks a lot like the GALILEO search page. They're designed by the same company, but the content and tools are slightly different.

Under the search box, click Advanced Search. That will give you the option to combine together search terms.

In the first line, I used as many synonyms for BDA as I could. Authors love to describe these frameworks in slightly different ways, which messes with our search results. I put "before-during-after" OR BDA OR "B-D-A" OR "before during after". Be sure to put the OR in caps. The quotation marks around phrases makes the phrase "stick together" so it only searches those words in that exact order.

I used the other lines to narrow my results to only relevant stuff. For example, when I first searched "before during after," I got a bunch of reviews of a novel called Before, During, After. We're obviously not interested in that, so I added more search terms to get rid of irrelevant results. I added model OR framework OR method (again assuming authors will describe this in different ways) and then reading to make sure our results are relevant to your general topic.

Now you should have 9 search results. Look on the left and click "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" to filter your results. You should lose one non-scholarly result. The first result, Content Area Literacy in Ensemble Music Education: The Before-During-After Instructional Framework, looks pretty close to what you need.

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