Can you help me find better verbiage in EBSCO host


Can you help me find better verbiage in EBSCO host
I am trying to find information on diagnostic assessment system, and interim assessment syestems like usa testprep. I'm not getting a lot of information. Am I doing something wrong?

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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I might get better results for you if I knew specifically what age group and subject area you are looking at?  Also which database are you using?  I found that I got fewer but much more targeted results searching in Education Source rather than Academic Search complete.  You can access either of these databases by going to the full list of databases here  

I tried using the search terms:

"diagnostic assessment" AND education

"diagnostic assessment" AND classroom

"interim assessment" AND education

You might also try for example, "Interim reading assessment", if you are looking for  a specific type of learning.  Or you may try "interim assessment" or "diagnostic assessment" if you want to view all possible matches for these terms without the addition of education or classroom.

Don't forget to enclose specific phrases in quotation marks.  This lets the databases know that you want results that contain the search words together and in the order that you have typed them.

Please feel free to be back in touch if you continue to have trouble finding the information that you are looking for!

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