How can I double-check that all my citations are from Zotero?


I'm using Zotero to write a long paper. Sometimes I inserted the citation directly from Zotero, and sometimes I just typed out the citation manually. I need to change the manually-typed citations to Zotero citations to make sure everything shows up correctly in my references. Is there an easy way to make sure I've caught all the manually-typed citations?

Answered By: Emily Thornton
Last Updated: May 24, 2019     Views: 13

In Word, you can hover over a citation. If it gets highlighted in gray, it's a Zotero citation and will show up in your reference list. If it doesn't turn gray, it's a manual citation and you still need to change it.

There is one catch: Word for Windows does this automatically. Mac users need to turn this feature on. See instructions here:  

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