I would like to know the affect of concussions in the NFL, UFC, and the NHL


I would like to know the long term affects of people that have played these professional sports whether or not it is boxing or the UFC does not matter. I have always heard about former NFL players killing themselves from CTE but I would like to know how many athletes are affected by this whether or not it is an extreme case or if it is a minor case. Just all of the information on this subject is interesting.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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First, if you want statistics you may find that you will want to google the topic.  I would recommend narrowing your results and limiting the unreliable websites you get though by typing this into a google search box exactly as I have typed it below. 

site:gov sports and concussions

You will find reliable statistics on sports related concussions on many governmental websites such as the CDC and the NCBI.

Next, if you want to find information in books and scholarly journal articles you should go to the library catalog at  The search bar in the middle of the page will give you access to the library catalog.  I would use search terms such as Concussions AND Sports or you might want to pick a sport and use that as a search term such as Football AND Concussions.  Just remember to connect your keywords with the word AND. 

The first results you will see will be books and ebooks.  If you want to read an ebook just click on the Access Online button and you will be asked to login using your six digit student ID and the first part of your Brenau email address.  You can then use the table of contents to navigate to areas of the book that you find interesting or you can use the arrows to move back and forth through the pages.

Next, if you would like to see scholarly journal articles on your topic click on the box labeled Article under Format to the left of the results screen.  Click on the Access Online button to be taken into the article.

You may want to play around with your search terms as you narrow your research topic but this should give you a good start.

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