Our group paper for Management Theory class is coming along pretty well but we're having a hard time finding scholarly articles pertaining to Deming's personal life or people who actually knew him. Do you have any material or suggestions??


Answered By: Linda Kern
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I recommend our catalog for this task. You can link directly to it at . Search Deming AND biography. The AND is important to the search, so be sure to include it. The catalog has a number of useful results including

  • Management Innovators: The People and Ideas that Have Shaped Modern Business (click Access Online, the Read Online, and then type his last name into the Search Within the Book box.)
  • Encyclopedia of the History of American Management (click Access Online. Once there, don't search his last name in the prominent box at the top of the page. Look for a small search box under the book title that says Search Within This Title.)
  • Memorial Tributes : National Academy of Engineering, Volume 8,
  • Eulogy to the master: W. Edward Deming and
  • W Edwards Deming: father of quality management, patient and composer.

It has additional results. Choose anything that says Access Online.

Next I went to Google and searched Edwards Deming. We have to be careful to sort out the authoritative sources on Google. I chose

  • The W. Edwards Deming Institute which has a bio, a video, and some great pictures.
  • The American Society for Quality (ASQ) which has a bio.
  • The Columbia Business School which has a bio.
You can also Google Deming and people he worked with. For example, Edwards Deming Kenichi Koyanagi will return a couple of Google books. While you can't see the whole book, you may be able to view relevant sections.

I hope your research goes well. Let me know if you run into problems!

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