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I am currently enrolled in Global Economics and I am looking for articles that list goods and services a country has an absolute and comparative advantage in. I would like to see Mexico or Canada, but at this point I’m open to anything.


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Answered By: Linda Kern
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This is a tough question! The comparative side is much easier to find than the absolute side.

Link to the Articles tab of the Business LibGuide. Start with Business Source Complete. You can choose the basic search instead of the advanced, if you prefer. Paste this search into the box: DE "Comparative advantage (International trade)" AND Mexico. Paste because the search has to be exactly like my example, which will return only articles that have a major focus on comparative trade advantage and Mexico. You can also search DE "Comparative advantage (International trade)" AND Canada. I used the left side tool bar to limit to the last 5 years. You will get results like

Amoroso, N., Chiquiar, D., & Ramos-Francia, M. (2011). Technology and endowments as determinants of comparative advantage: Evidence from Mexico. North American Journal of Economics & Finance, 22(2), 164-196. doi:10.1016/j.najef.2011.01.004

Wernerheim, C., & Waples, M. (2013). Demand patterns and Canada's trade in services. International Economics & Economic Policy, 10(2), 159-181. doi:10.1007/s10368-011-0199-7

Searching "absolute advantage" AND trade AND Canada yields only a few results. (The quotation marks and the ANDs are important to the success of the search.) Searching "absolute advantage" AND trade AND Mexico yielded nothing.

A much broader search of trade AND advantage AND Canada yields 171 results from the last 5 years. Although not as focused, perhaps something here will help. Of course, you can also get results with trade AND advantage AND Mexico.

This search may take more than one database. Check out ABI/Inform Complete. Here, paste this search into the box: SU.EXACT("Comparative advantage") AND Mexico. You can change Mexico to Canada for those results. As before, limit to the last 5 years, if needed. You'll get articles like

Peel, D. S., Mathews,Kenneth H.,,Jr, & Johnson, R. J. (2012). Trade, the expanding Mexican beef industry, and feedlot and stocker cattle production in Mexico. Journal of Current Issues in Globalization, 5(4), 475-493.

Sarker, R., & Ratnasena, S. (2014). Revealed comparative advantage and half-a-century competitiveness of Canadian agriculture: A case study of wheat, beef, and pork sectors. Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 62(4), 519.

Searching "absolute advantage" AND trade AND Canada in ABI/Inform yielded nothing, as did Mexico. I've not been able to find anything satisfactory on that topic.

It's also possible you may be able to glean some useful information from this MIT web site: There's also a page for Canada.

Thanks for Asking A Librarian.

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