how to find an article to support how to stay on track while in college


I am looking for a source to cite and support my opinion that if you use time management, choose a structured quite environment, and plan for extra learning time

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I think that your opinions are on track. Keep in mind though, that the research process is to find the information first, and then shape your opinions based on what the literature tells you. You don't have to agree with the literature, but you do want to consider it.

Start at the Education LibGuide. Click to the gold Articles tab. Once there, start by clicking on Academic Search Complete. Search academic achievement AND undergraduates. Be sure to include the "AND" for an effective search. Academic achievement is often how articles will express the idea of staying on track. When the results load, use the left toolbar to limit the results to the last 10 years and to academic journals. Among the results you will see

  • Torenbeek, M., Jansen, E., & Suhre, C. (2013). Predicting undergraduates' academic achievement: The role of the curriculum, time investment and self-regulated learning. Studies In Higher Education, 38(9), 1393-1406. doi:10.1080/03075079.2011.640996
  • Diseth, Å., Pallesen, S., Brunborg, G., & Larsen, S. (2010). Academic achievement among first semester undergraduate psychology students: the role of course experience, effort, motives and learning strategies. Higher Education, 59(3), 335-352. doi:10.1007/s10734-009-9251-T

There will also be articles on everything from sleep to cell phone use.

To get really specific, search academic achievement and undergraduates AND time management. Again, the "AND" is important. This will return articles such as

  • Grave, B. S. (2011). The effect of student time allocation on academic achievement. Education Economics, 19(3), 291-310. doi:10.1080/09645292.2011.585794

I didn't see much on study environment, but searching academic achievement and undergraduates AND study environment led me to

  • Lei, S. A. (2015). Variation in study patterns among college students: A review of literature. College Student Journal, 49(2), 195-198.

Good luck with your paper!

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