Alternative solutions for business problems in japan and USA


Hi, i'm trying to write a paper on alternative solutions for problems Komatsu had. One of the biggest problems was their constant focus on the competition and another issue was their management styles

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I'm not clear about what your question is, so I'm going to toss out some ideas. If I miss the mark, or you need more info, please click the link below to reply and clarify.

I started at the Business LibGuide, and clicked the gold Articles tab. This gives me a broad selection of places to search for information. Because I don't know much about the company, my first choice was MarketLine Advantage, to look for an analysis of the company. I clicked on MarketLine. You will be asked for your 6 digit student ID number and your username, which is first initial, last name. Once logged in, I searched Komatsu, and located a company analysis from Oct. 2015. Wow. It seems like Komatsu spends all its time acquiring, partnering, restructuring, and divesting. In addition to an extensive history, the report includes a SWOT analysis. The SWOT provides some of the challenges facing management. The report also includes a statement from the company's management which addresses the accomplishments and challenges of Komatsu.

If you think it might be useful, there's an industry report for the Global Construction, Farm & Heavy Machinery industry. This report includes a Five Forces analysis that addresses the "degree of rivalry" among the competition, among other factors.

Next, I returned to the guide and clicked on ABI/Inform Complete. Here I searched terms like Komatsu AND management, Komatsu AND problems, and Komatsu AND leadership. I used the left side toolbar to limit to the last 10 years. You may want to choose a time frame dating to the period of the case study. I limited the Source Type to Trade Journals, Scholarly Journals, and Newspapers (to pick up the Wall Street Journal). Articles such as The Dynamics of the Komatsu Way may provide useful insight, but the results are limited.

I went back to the guide, selected Business source Complete, and ran the same searches there, again with limited success.

There's not a lot specifically on Komatsu. I changed my searches in both databases to search Japan AND organizational behavior. I was looking for analysis of how Japanese companies work that I could apply to Komatsu. I also tried Japan AND management style. Both searches returned a lot of relevant results that may provide insight into corporate culture.

I hope this helps. If not, give us some more specifics and we'll work on it some more.

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