I need to find articles on ADHD and sensory integration interventions and how they increase impulse control in elementary school aged children


Answered By: Linda Kern
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I've searched extensively, and there's not a lot of research on the topic. I began with AJOT, the most likely source for this information. Link to the OT LibGuide, click the Journals and Evidence Resources tab, and scroll down the page until you reach the OT Journals box. Click the first AJOT listing. This access point covers more AJOT articles than the other.

I searched ADHD AND "sensory integration" AND impulse, getting 8 results. The first article (Effects of Weighted Vests on Attention, Impulse Control, and On-Task Behavior in Children With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) is very relevant, the remainder are less so. I also tried variations including impulsivity, sensory processing and sensory modulation, but none improved the results.

Back in the LibGuide, I scrolled down to the second AJOT listing (through ProQuest Social Sciences) and ran the same searches there. This listing provides the opportunity to search the references of the "Effects of Weighted Vests" article, which may expand my sources. When you find the article in the results, click the hyperlinked References (46).

Searching AJOT through ProQuest Social Sciences also brought up an article that was not found searching AJOT itself - Effectiveness of Disc 'O' Sit Cushions on Attention to Task in Second-Grade Students With Attention Difficulties.

These two results add to my ideas for search terms: instead of searching only sensory processing and its variations, try specific interventions, such as deep pressure stimulation or weighted vest in its place. Combine these with impulsivity, etc.

Next I worked methodically through the resources on the Journals and Evidence Resources tab. Based on my results, I suggest you search the British Journal of OT (BJOT), and ScienceDirect.

Since there is so little information available, you may want to expand the search to look at sensory integration and impulsivity in other populations such as children with ASD.

Good luck with your research!

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