I can't find reliability information for the Grasha Learning Style Questionnaire or Holmes and Rahe (1967) Social Readjustment Rating Scale


These are my measures for a research paper for Research Methods in Psychology and I can't find any validity/reliability information on them.

Answered By: Linda Kern
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As far as the Grasha-Riechmann, I'm not able to find anything in full text addressing validity or reliability in an American or Western European population. If you go to this article and request it through interlibrary loan you may receive the article in time to use it. The same goes for this article. As a back-up, I suggest you read this abstract and use the information there. Be sure to cite it as an abstract of a dissertation if you us it. We can help you with that. It's very unlikely the owner would send us the dissertation, so it's not worth your time to request it. You may also want to mention the lack of studies on its validity, as noted on p. 15 of this dissertation. I'll also ask a couple of the psychology professors if they have any ideas and we'l let you kmnow if we come up with anything that way.

Regarding the Social Readjustment Rating Scale, go to the Articles tab of the Psychology LibGuide and you'll find a review posted there in the Assessment Databases box.

Thanks for asking!

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