I am looking for literature/text/articles on how Polynesian, specifically, Fijians, handle conflict


I am doing a research paper that compares conflict with a certain culture, I have chosen the Polynesian culture, although I would like to be more specific within the culture and use Fijians. I am looking for any references that give information about their cultural habits, differences and experiences with conflict.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
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Hello!  This is quite an interesting topic.  To find information on this type of research question, you will likely do better searching the library's catalog than the library databases.  Much of this type of infomation will likely be in books and ebooks rather than in scholarly journals although I'm sure that we can find some information in the journals as well. 

Go to the library's catalog at  I started with some broad search terms just to see what we have.  Type Polynesian Culture into the search bar.  You can choose to limit your results by clicking on the ebooks box to the left of your screen but we are happy to mail physical copies of books to you if you do not live in the Gainesville area.  If you find an ebook that you are interested in, click on the title of the book and then click on view ebook and then ebook full text.

Next, I tried the search terms Polynesian Culture AND Conflict and I got some interesting results although these were mostly scholarly journal articles rather than books.  If you find an article that you are interested in just click on the title of the article and click on view full text under find a copy online.  Remember to check and make sure that it says that we have access to the the article at Brenau as some of the results may say worldcat instead and those we do not have access to.

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