Where can I find articles or books to research melancholy in the Romantic Era.


I am creating a research paper for a poem "Mutability" in British Literature the first draft is due Feb. 2nd.

Answered By: Kimberly Boyd
Last Updated: Jan 29, 2017     Views: 9

Hello!  You will want begin your search by going to the literature libguide at  Once you are in the libguide, go to the articles tab to see a list of databases that you should use when researching literature.  I chose the first database listed, Academic Search Complete.  I limited my results by clicking on the Full Text and Scholarly boxes to the left of the screen.  Then I used the search terms Melancholy AND Romanticism OR Romantic Period OR Romantic Era.  Please do not forget to combine your search terms with the words AND and OR.  Romanticism, Romantic Period, and Romantic Era are all different terms for the same era and you get different results depending on which term you use.  That is why I chose to do a search using all of the terms connecting them with the word OR.  I got many good results!  If you find that the search gives you too many results you can limit your results further by using the Subject: Thesaurus Terms and the Subject Terms to the bottom left of your results screen.  Remember to also try different databases.  You may also try Literary Reference Center.  I got some good results there as well.  We hope this helps!

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