articles relating to Scandinavian/Norse/Germanic religion/zodiac signs


Now, I'm having difficulty finding articles relating to Scandinavian/Norse/Germanic religion/zodiac signs. Can you please direct me to which "database" I would search. I've searched religion, literature???? I did not understand the Credo Reference - I went there, but was overwhelmed with books!!

Answered By: Linda Kern
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Good afternoon,

I can understand your problem - this seems to be a difficult search. Regarding what you're seeing in Credo, Credo is full of reference books - dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the like. So when you search an encyclopedia for NORSE AND ZODIAC, you end up with both because an encyclopedia will have separate articles about each, but not necessarily one article about both.

Unfortunately, I have searched extensively and I'm not finding any additional articles or books on your topic that we have ready access to. I have found one article that is relevant that we may be able to get for you, if you can wait up to a couple of weeks.

Author:  Payne, Craig
Title:   The Cycle of the Zodiac in John Gardner's Grendel
Imprint: Mythlore  18(4): 61-65.  Autumn 1992.  (No. 70)

If you want us to try to get the article for you, please complete the form at . The article can also be purchased directly from the publisher for the low cost of $3.50. I rarely suggest that students pay for articles, but if you're on a tight time-frame and have few sources to use in your paper, this might be the way to go. The web site is here: . Look for this row: 70    18:4    1992 Autumn    67.

There are also books that might be available, but usually books take much longer to arrive from other libraries than articles.

In addition to the databases I've also briefly searched the open web, and have found nothing relevant and reliable there.

If you don't feel you have enough sources to write from, I suggest you talk with your professor about the problem you are encountering. Tell Dr. Elliot that Bethany and I have searched extensively on Grendel/Beowulf/Gardner/Scandinavian/Norse/Nordic/Germanic/religion/zodiac/astrology/astrological, and Anglo-Saxon, and show her the results. I'm sure she can offer guidance.

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