am i citing this correctly?


This is what I have... I have gotten points taken off each week for my APA on article reviews when I think I am doing them correctly.
Russell, M., & Russell, J. (2011). Mentoring Relationships: Cooperating Teachers' Perspectives on Mentoring Student Interns. Professional Educator, 1-22. Retrieved from

Okay... Well obviously it didn't format corectly, but I have the last three lines indented. I would appreciate your help. Thank you so much!

Answered By: Linda Kern
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There are a few elements in your reference entry that can be corrected...

Since this is a journal article it will need the authors' names, the date of publication, article title, volume number, issue number, page numbers, and either the doi or the journal's home page. It's not so much where you found it, as where it was published. Check out the example below, noting these items:

  • formatting of the authors' names (your formatting looks good here)
  • date (again, yours is correct)
  • Capitalization of the article title - only the first word and the first word after punctuation should be capitalized
  • Journal title - it should be capitalized as you did, and italicized (the form you completed doesn't support italics)
  • volume number (missing) You can get this from the description in ERIC
  • issue number (missing) You can get this from the description in ERIC
  • page numbers - in this case there are no page numbers, so skip it. Instead, follow the issue number with a period, not a comma. Be ABSOLUTELY sure to let your professor know that the online journal is not paginated so it won't be assumed that you overlooked the page numbers.
  • Retrieval information - Google the journal and use the URL of the journal's home page, or the index listing of issues (in this case the index listing is on the journal's home page). Don't use the URL of the database.

Here's my example:

Kern, L., & Boyd, K. (2007). Why the tortoise really won: The true story of the tortoise and the hare. Journal of Fairy Tale and Fable Research, 48(7), 79-85. Retrieved from

Of course, all lines but the first line are indented, as you mentioned.

That's it - just a few details!

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